Photographing large group portraits can be really challenging to do to make look interesting. On this shoot the brief was to show the all of the staff members but I did not have to show everyone clearly. The idea was to give a sense of the size of the firm so if someone joined the firm or left we did not have to immediately update this portrait. So the location we used was the Kim Harvey Dance School. This building was designed by Clarke Keller. We chose the largest studio and decided to get everyone standing along the bar. The brief I gave to them was to just stand in a comfortable position look towards the camera if they liked, talk to a colleague, sit, move around, or even face away from the camera if they liked. While shooting and totally unprompted one of the guys decided to do a few cartwheels. What followed was a dynamic and fun range of images that were perfectly suited for an animated series. Check out @clarke_keller to see more of their work and animations.


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