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So for this year’s Canberra Symphony Orchestra season brochure we decided to depart from our normal imagery and go for something a little more etherial and flowing. Inspired by works by Benjamin Shine who has created some of the most amazing pieces in Tulle I headed into the studio.  

I Have been photographing Nicholas Milton, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor, Canberra Symphony Orchestra for the past 6 years now. Here are a few of my favourite portraits.

I have been the official photographer the Canberra Symphony Orchestra since 2009. Here are but a few of the images I have created for them over the years.

This is my 6th season brochure for the Canberra Symphony Orchestra. this year we departed from imagery of the musicians or instruments and decided to create a series of images around New Acton celebrating the colours and textures. (Portraits of the soloists are not mine)  

Yet another year of working with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra. This year the brief was to create range if images of musical instruments and the details and textures. the images were to resemble the look of black and white film.  It was a fun shoot shot over several days at the Nishi gallery  

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