For over 20 years I have worked with many individuals, businesses and organisations large and small, to help them tell their story through photography. 

We live in a time where images are everywhere and I believe it is more important than ever for businesses to have strong, high quality imagery to help communicate their story so they stand out from the rest. 

My approach is collaborative. You know your business more than I do, so we work together to develop imagery that gives insight into you and help people get to know you. I work on location in your offices or a location we decide on together.  

I can help your business with all your online and print promotional efforts with:

Individual Branding Portraits – for sole business owners, partnerships, creatives, bloggers, artists, writers, musicians, and entrepreneurs who need a suite of portraits to tell their story. 

Headshots – for small and large business who need simple, clean, uniform portraits.

Creative portraits – for businesses who want something more creative. Portraits that are more than a simple headshot.

Business imagery – show your clients/customers what you do, what you create, where you work, and how your business runs.

Imagery for Not For Profit Organisations – They say images speak 1000 words. Let me help your organisation share your message with high quality imagery.

So are you ready to let you, your business or organisation stand out from the rest? Then let’s get together and discuss how we can tell your story through photography.

I look forward to working with you.


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