The shoot was of the Griffyn Ensemble  for their up and coming CD and 2012 concert series. The challenge was how to photograph a group of seven musicians all with their instruments (including 1 harp) and create a cohesive image that also gave an essence of each individual.  The concert posters are based on the three themes for their concerts; Weather, Astronomy and Prisoner of War.

This shoot was a great learning in how to work with 1. a tight deadline (briefed on Tuesday, shot on Saturday and needed images by Monday), 2. a tight timeframe (they would only be in the one city altogether for a couple of hours one morning.) 3. change of location on the day (we couldn’t get permission for the site we wanted so had to go to plan B) 4. The concepts for each shot changed on the day (as we were unable to source some of the props we needed).

In the end we has a fun but frantic morning chasing a little patch of shade at the back of the Canberra School of Art. The higher the sun got the smaller the shade. It all worked out in the end.

Music Portraits for the Griffyn Ensemble by Lindi heap Photography

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