I love walking into the  Canberra Symphony Orchestra office. They are so welcoming and always sing my praises. I can’t help but leave their offices with a smile on my face and a slightly enlarged head.  I am moving into my second year as the their official photography partner and I am having a ball. This year has been their 60th anniversary and we are undertaking to document all their events so hopefully when the 100th anniversary rolls around they will have a wonderful archive to draw on.

Yesterday they launched their 2011 season program.  They decided to continue the photography theme from this year’s program and extend it to encompass their theme for 2011 – “More than great music”. My brief was to create a range of images that showed the interaction of the orchestra with each other and the participation of the audience. I spent several days with them again in rehearsal and a dress rehearsal observing and documenting the happenings.  I love this sort of work. The musicians are now really used to me and appear to feel very comfortable with me getting in close.  Sometimes I was no more than 1m away and for the most part they seemed oblivious of me. To get these images I waited for the space in between playing, those moments of connection and laughter. Make sure you check out the program of concerts for next year on their website


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