In August and September this year I did the stills photography for a DVD Project for the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. It was an amazing project where we traveled to every state of Australia to document many aspects of Australian’s Vocational Education and Training System. We visited all sorts of training facilities and workplaces from a cooking school, fish farm, dental hospital, automotive training centre, music and drama, wildlife conservation, marine rescue, construction, hair and beauty, fine furniture making, and a solar farm. I was employed to create a range of portraits of students and trainees for the department’s photo library. I had never worked with a film crew before and it was fascinating to see the creative process of filming moving images. I got nick-named “Snapper” because of the snap, snap, snap of my camera. There was a lot of jovial rivalry throughout the crew and after spending such an intense time traveling together we are all still friends.  Thank you Sonia, Emma, Geoff, and Ted, it was a blast. Here are a few of the many hundreds of images I created.

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