I love family photography.

I have many fond memories of pouring through my family’s photographs and still do. I love a family slide show (yes I still remember slides). I believe that all our family images have a significant historic and social place in our world. Everything is changing so fast, it is hard to keep up. Our photographs help us to remember and for future generations to see what once was. I see myself as a family biographer documenting you as your family grows. I love nothing more than to see my families grow. I document weddings, pregnancies, births, your little ones first steps, golden wedding anniversaries through to saying goodbye to a loved one.

I am passioante about creating beautiful objects that last. Heirlooms. I create prints, books and albums. I strongly believe that it will be these objects that will stand the test of time to be enjoyed by your grandchildren. And they will only ever need your hands, eyes and heart to enjoy them (no electricity required).  I cannot guarantee that with files. Digital files will always require power to view them and will need you to constantly update the format and storage media (anyone still got a 5 1/4″ floppy disk). I will sell you your files as I do believe that they form part of your family archive however I will not sell them to you without any prints or albums so do not ask me too.

I hope you enjoy my website and blog. I regularly add new galleries and blog posts so please visit again and contact me about how I can become your family’s biographer. If you want to know more about my background (education, experience etc) and the other services I offer then please skip over to my commercial webpage.

Have a wonderful day.

Much love

Lindi xxx.

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