I got married to the lovely, yummy Dave on the 16th of September. We had a wonderful day full of friends, family, food, music, sunshine and love.

My wonderful friend and absolutely awesome photographer Hilary of Hilary Wardhaugh Photography documented our day and I am so happy with the images. She really captured the fun, laughter and love of the day. Each time I look at the images the joy comes flowing back.

I can hardly believe how my life has transformed over the last year. I really am such a lucky person.

I have been a bit distracted this last few months but I feel like I am now getting a clearer focus for this business. I have made the decision to change my name. A decision that was a challenging one but am now so excited about. Over the next few weeks you will see a transformation of Lindi Holly Photography to Lindi Heap Photography. So stay tuned for all the changes. I have the lovely Richard and Rachel from RTM design to help me with my branding and I am so excited to see what they come up with. For now I will be launching a new site lindiheap.com.au hopefully in the next week so I can continue blogging and sharing what I have been up to. Become a fan of my facebook site to see how it all unfolds.

Thank you everyone who have supported me to be where I am today. I love you all dearly and I am blessed to have you in my life. I am particularly blessed to have found Dave. He has shown and shared with me so much about how relationships can be. Thank you my beautiful, yummy man for coming into my life. I am so excited about the adventure we have embarked on together. Lots of Love xox


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