When I was growing up I always wanted a sister. I was blessed with 3 brothers but alas I could not borrow their clothes (shallow I know). Luckily my brothers picked thier partners wisely and I now have the three most gorgeous sister-in-laws.  These images were created earlier this year when my older brother Daryn and his family passed through Canberra enroute from Tassie to Broome. It is a rare moment these days when we get together. Sadly Mum and Dad were unable to be there.

This was the first time that the Tassie crew got to meet the youngest of our clan, Ellie. My nieces Darcey and Molly were quite taken by her however my fishing obsessed nephew Jock disappeared to the lakes shore in search of carp of all fish. Yes my  dear family it has taken me a couple of months to sort through the images. The disks will be in the mail soon. In the meantime here are a few fun images.payne_greys03payne_greys04payne_greys02payne_greys01


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