I photographed the beautiful and courageous Kate and her Husband earlier this year when she found out she had breast cancer. I had known Kate from many years before but had not seen her in a long time. A mutual friend of ours asked me to do some photos for them. At the time she was not sure where her journey would lead. A week after the shoot they were told that her cancer was inoperable and there was not much they could do. Very sadly on the 15th of September she passed away. However she lived her life fully right to the end including swimming with sharks and a flight over a glacier in Iceland. My heart goes out to her beautiful husband and her family. Much love to you all xoxo

I love this photo. It is joyous, intimate, hopeful and sad. Thank you Kate and Martin for allowing me into your lives for this small moment.

Couple Portrait by Lindi Heap Photography

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