I recently made some really big changes in my life. After being in partnership in business and life for the past 13 years I now find myself on my own. While this is not how I had planned 2009 to be I have come to know that sometimes gifts and blessings can be wrapped in some pretty strange packages at times.

I now have a business of my own, Lindi Holly Photography, and it feels great. I am concentrating on growing my talents for portraiture. To me portraits are about honesty, respect, connection, beauty and truth. Whether it be a portrait of a new life, or old one, a family, an individual, a group of friends or a business, the essence is the same for me.

This is my first foray into the blog world. I have to admit that I have been pretty timid to venture here. It all still seems like gobboldy gook  to me – RSS feeds, widgets, permalinks, tags, trackbacks, pingbacks, tweets and I am sure there are a heap more. However while my business blossoms and grows into being I thought this would be a beautiful way share new (and some old) work with you while I am growing my new website and branding. So please feel free to book mark me, visit often and share with friends. I also value your comments.

Warmest wishes and Sunshine smiles


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