Canberra Wedding Photographer – From the Archive

I was recently going through an old folio of mine and found some great images and decided to start an new category for my blog called “From the Archive” where from time to time I will share image and the story behind.

This wedding of Geoff and Catherine was from way back in 1999 and yes it was photographed on film (medium format film actually). This was one of the first weddings I photographed and I have to say it will always have a special place in my heart. The location was Mount Kosciuszko. We hiked up the evening before and camped and then got up before sunrise to make the final assent of Mount Kosciuszko to have the ceremony at sunrise. We didn’t actually see the sun that day. It was so misty and cold. Very Wuthering Heights.  Geoff and Catherine were barefoot as they said their vows to each other. It was so romantic. We then moved down the mountain to Seaman’s Hut where this image was created. It was windy, it was misty and Geoff and Catherine were very passionate. What more could I ask for.

wedding atop mount  Kosciuszko by Lindi Heap Photography

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