This year for the Griffyn Ensemble I am doing a series of portraits for their 2013 concert series. The themes of their concerts are Water, Earth, Air and Stars. This shoot was for the water concert promotion. We had planned to photograph on Lake George, NSW. The morning of the shoot was freezing, raining, sleeting and windy. Luckily by the afternoon the rain and sleet had gone but it was still freezing and extremely windy. This wasn’t going to be the beautiful quiet, still, contemplative shot I had planned. We waded out into the water, the wind was cold and gusty. The lovely Kiri Sollis was so fabulous and stoic. I at least had lots of layers on and I was still cold. Despite the elements we had a fantastic time. Here are a couple of the images from the shoot.

Music Portrait on Lake George, NSW, by Lindi Heap Photography

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